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Meet the team

👋 Hi! My name is Kyle Flanders and I am from Long Island, NY. I spent almost 15 years on the west coast in California and Oregon getting my degree in English and enjoying the surf, the rocky coasts, and the giant redwoods. I have always felt there is no reason any human being should suffer from another human's actions, whether it's an unjust law, a racist, sexist or bigoted activity, or a selfish deed that harms the environment or prevents people from thriving. Overall, in my lifetime, these things have not changed for the better and in the last decade, things have gotten worse. I hope through Atlas to change this.


Our first projects

Atlas is a team of people exploring and confronting issues to change or conquer. It is a large plate and we will create both big and small activities to help chip away at these problems. We hope to restore democratic values in the US 🇺🇸 by aligning with progressive candidates across the country who believe that climate change is real and people's rights are sacred. We will create activities to educate and battle against the deterioration of the Bill of Rights, especially the right to gather and protest and the right to report the truth in a free press. We will explore and confront any injustice in the US and elsewhere. We need to join on a global level with other countries to battle the destruction of democracies, to fight climate change and pollution, and to help provide food and wellness to those who suffer from the lack of these basic resources.


Join us

Atlas needs a lot of people to each do a little bit to reach success. If you join with me, you can make a difference and do more than just shake your head when you hear about the injustice around us. I want to know what your passion is that makes you think, "this is not right." Together we can make a better country, a better world! 🚀


I would love to answer any questions, concerns, or listen to any ideas you want to discuss. Don't hesitate to contact me 📩 at [email protected]